Thursday, October 22, 2009

In this video, Stephan Colbert pretends to defend making money off disasters. Despite his jokes, Klein gets her argument across. Notice the connection she makes to Hurricane Katrina. How do you think this argument relates to our overall course theme of America's place in the world?

_Even though colbert is just joking I believe the gov't does make money off of disasters. In a way I feel that their is some kind conspiracy behind most disasters like Katrina and 9/11. I believe that the gov't profits more than they lose money because if they really didnt want Katrina to hit as hard as it did they would have strenghen the levies. But they didnt and they knew before hand that the huricane would take place. The gov't just tries to give everyone some false sense of sercurity and act like their using your money to make situations better, when they really use the money for themselves. The American gov't has always had a way of trrying to make it seem as if their motives are selfless, when the truth is that they are looking out for their own selfish motives. When we invaded countries in the past we acted as if we were their to develope and civilize the nations when all we really did was rape the land and terroize the people.

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  1. Good reflections. Is what Klein's describing a conspiracy? What's the ideological part of her argument?